Way down!

Some underground spaces investigated during the Missoula Historic were bigger than others.

This is actually the sub-basement UNDER the basement.

This is actually the sub-basement UNDER the basement!!

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4 thoughts on “Way down!

  1. luxfer1897 says:

    Great fun to see the pictures and read about what’s going on. I was drawn here do to the section on vault prism lights which I have collected a few. I found the “HABS” section really cool just to know there is such a thing.

  2. luxfer1897 says:

    I also liked your use of old fire insurance maps. My primary collecting is prism glass tiles (vault light cousin). In my collecting of information, I also have found an old fire insurance report on glass to be very interesting. Who would ever have thought of reading any kind of insurance article could be anything but painful.

    • Lol! So true!

      Yes, I love working with the Sanborn maps. They can be frustrating and at times untrustworthy as far as accuracy (especially for subterranean spaces) but they are indispensable as far as I’m concerned!

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