Door to….?

This door is rather large, measuring one meter across and 2 meters in height. Inside the wood frame door is a brick archway. The opening is sealed with wide wooden planks on the inside and concrete on the other side of that. It is believed that the wood planks likely provided the barrier when the void was filled.

The door itself is wooden with two windows in the top half (one of which is broken), a single decorative panel across the width of the door below those, and two more decorative panels under that. The door also has a decorative brass door knob. There are three steps leading up from the basement floor to this door.


The most puzzling part of this feature is the door buzzer to the east of the door, inside the basement. Its location inside the door suggests that one had to take action to access something on the other side of the door or whatever was going on or being stored on the other side – presumably within an underground feature, such as a sidewalk void.

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